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Hutto BJJ Coach has the perfect Muay Thai classes in Hutto for you to achieve your goal, be it professional training, daily workouts, or weight loss!

Rico Tarbert Owner/Instructor 


Muay Thai is also known as Thai Boxing. It is a full-body workout using clinching techniques and powerful strikes. It is widely known as the “Art of Eight Limbs” because one needs to utilize their whole body for the exercise.

Thai Boxing is an excellent way to learn defense tactics. Also, a dynamic opportunity for anyone to unleash their inner warrior. Muay Thai Boxing utilizes kicks, punches, knees, and elbows in great harmony to bring out your full potential.

Anyone willing to put in the time and practice can master Muay Thai.  Hutto BJJ Coach instructors are very skilled and qualified to help you master your technique. It is perfect for anyone of any age.


Muay Thai is ideal for all, no matter what your age or fitness goal is. It is an intense workout that opens up your limbs and systematically builds up a healthy mental attitude towards fitness.

  • It helps in building a great physique 100% 100%

As already mentioned, Muay Thai utilizes all your body to facilitate the workout of each vital part from the arms, torso, legs, with the high-intensity force one needs to exert through the kicks and punches. Sixty minutes of Muay Thai can burn as much as 1000 calories. Thus, you can attain a great physical shape in lesser time!

  • Strengthens your mental capacity 100% 100%

Muay Thai is as beneficial mentally as it is physically. In the process of unleashing the warrior in you, you will see yourself evolve with a strong determination and motivation, which will give you the courage you need to focus on yourself!

  • It teaches self-discipline & Moves 100% 100%

Like many other martial arts, Muay Thai is also a highly systematic and disciplined sport to practice. By following the course of training, you become disciplined to perfect your approach and achieve goals.

  • Relieve your stress and keep you calm. 100% 100%

As it is a disciplined form of martial art, you begin to learn the art of focusing during regular practice. When you practice, you need to devise every move of yours with utmost precision and care. Thus, you learn to compose yourself even in the most critical situations rather than stressing over them.

  • Teaches teamwork and social Skills 100% 100%

While taking our Muay Thai classes in Hutto, you get to interact with people from all walks of life and widen your social reach. With organized group training, you get to play as part of a team and learn together. Maybe finding good friends for the rest of your life!


Our Muay Thai classes in Hutto are set up by the top tier trainers who thrive on helping you reach greater heights. Our training is learner-friendly, and with individual care, you can expect nothing but the best.

Whether you want to learn a self-defense tactic, lose weight, or compose yourself mentally, our Muay Thai classes would ensure all of it for you!

Kids Striking Classes 

Adult or kid, our training approaches are to ensure maximum benefits for you through punches, kicks, elbows, or knees! Our Muay Thai and Boxing classes are by Coach Rico. He spent years in many different types of striking martial arts. The programs focus on teaching correct techniques to learn how to punch or kick with precision. 

Kids will be able to protect themselves from assaults and bullying in the worst-case scenario by themselves. Moreover, they will be learning substantial virtues in the process!

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