Hutto bjj Coach is a martial arts school in hutto, Texas, affiliated under Professor Marcello C. Monteiro’s BJJ Coach association.


To make the story short, the school that teaches Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Hutto has roots in the land of the rising sun. That ladies and gentlemen is the white belt version of the schools history, now it is time to fill in the details. This story will be told from a purple belt perspective.


Long ago, in fact, so long ago that the actual date cannot be declared officially, Jiu jitsu’s earliest form was used in ancient India and China. The “development and refinement were in the schools of the samurai of feudal Japan” (


Ok, so how does Jiu jitsu go from ancient China, to feudal Japan, to Brazil and now in The city of Hutto, Tx. In July of the year 1914, Mitsuyo Maeda landed in Brazil looking to settle down. Maeda was a student of the Kodokan under Jigoro Kano. Upon meeting Gastão Gracie in 1917, Maeda agreed to teach Gracie’s son Carlos the art. Carlos Gracie opened the first Gracie Bjj academy in 1925. He taught the art of Jiu jitsu to his family members including Helio Gracie.


Since the age of 6, Marcello has been practicing Jiu-Jitsu. He first began at Carlson Gracie’s Academy and transitioned to W2M in Copacabana. Owned by Ricardo Juca, W2M was the home of Jiu-Jitsu legend Ricardo De La Riva. White Belt to Black Belt Marcello studied as a protege to De La Riva.

In 1998, Marcello opened his first school in Rio. Soon after in 1999, Marcello received his first Black Belt from De La Riva. It didn’t take him too to get an additional certificate for his Black Belt in 2001 from 9th Degree Red Belt Carlos Robson Gracie.


Marcello grew up in the country that created Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.While in Brazil, Marcello attained many accomplishments:

He istheauthorofthefirstNoGiBrazilianJiu- Jitsu book called “Secret Positions”. Gracie Magazine launched Secret Positions on how to teach BJJ posi- tions without a Gi. Gracie Magazine sold the

Secret Positions No Gi Book (at the Gracie Shop) in Brazil for approximately five years from 1998-2003. Marcello was the first person ever to show the Anaconda choke in a printed publication.


He took part in a documentary about De La Riva ‘s life and his created guard position known as the De La Riva hook. In the documentary, Marcello was demonstrating some positions with De La Riva himself. In the video, Marcello was featured along side many great masters such as Rickson Gracie, Carlson Gracie, Royler Gracie, Renzo Gracie, Zé Mário Sperry, Murilo Bustamante and Rodrigo Nogueira (MINOTAURO), telling about De La Riva’s life. That documentary is still currently sold in Japan.


Marcello Monteiro moved from Rio De Janerio to Indianapolis, IN around 2003. In 2009 Coach Rich “Rico” Tarbert, began training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under professor Monteiro.


In 2009 Rich (RICO) Tarbert walked into Marcello C. Monteiro’s school on the south side of Indianapolis, IN, where he began his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu journey.

He learned BJJ right from the source, Since 2011 Rico had been competing as a blue belt and continued to learn and form his game. He trained in other disciplines of martial arts but has always put BJJ as his main focus.


Coach Rico moved to Hutto, Texas in 2019 and began teaching Jiu jitsu at the local exercise center. In 2020, just as the Coronavirus was beginning to terrorize the country, Hutto Bjj Coach opened its doors. The first Brazilian Jiu jitsu academy in Hutto. And that is how the samurai Spirit now lives in hippo nation.