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Martial Arts is a passion that we want everyone to learn, understand, and acknowledge through us. Hutto BJJ Coach is not just any Premium Martial Arts Academy. Here, we aspire to train you to explore yourself and reach for your physical and mental betterment! We thrive on assisting you in achieving your goals. Moreover, we aim to help you in reaching your maximum potential.

Our Martial Arts Training is second to none! , our determination to serve as the Best Martial Arts Academy in Hutto and nearby areas remains firm and unaltered. The years of experience and training of all of our coaches set the bar.

We dedicate our teaching approaches to ensuring the best possible results on your way to accomplishing your goals. With small classes and one-on-one training sessions. Our academy is partnered with Hutto Fitness Center, owned by Chris Meador.


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Professor 5th degree black belt

Professor Marcello C. Monteiro – 5th Degree BJJ Black Belt

Professor Monteiro is well known in Brazil as a teacher and coach. His expertise includes creating fighting strategies for his students. He focuses on the most essential details to speed up the learning process, but also further the performance of each student. 

Since the age of 6, Marcello has been practicing Jiu-Jitsu. He first began at Carlson Gracie’s Academy and transitioned to W2M in Copacabana. Owned by Ricardo Juca, W2M was the home of Jiu-Jitsu legend Ricardo De La Riva. White Belt to Black Belt Marcello studied as a protege to De La Riva.

In 1998, Marcello opened his first school in Rio. Soon after in 1999, Marcello received his first Black Belt from De La Riva. It didn’t take him too to get an additional certificate for his Black Belt in 2001 from 9th Degree Red Belt Carlos Robson Gracie.

Today, as a result of being a 5th Degree Black Belt, Marcello leads one of America’s largest Jiu-Jitsu Associations. Over 100 schools are training under him, including Last Daimyo Team BJJ – Hutto BJJ Coach, owned by Richard “Rico” Tarbert.  

Our Instructors

Purple Belt in BJJ

Rico Tarbert Owner/Instructor 

In 2009 Rich (RICO) Tarbert walked into Marcello C. Monteiro’s school on the south side of Indianapolis, IN, where he began his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu journey.

He learned BJJ right from the source, Since 2011 Rico had been competing as a blue belt and continued to learn and form his game. He trained in other disciplines of martial arts but has always put BJJ as his main focus.

After some personal decisions, he took a break from training full time to serve his country and the state of Indiana in the US Armed Forces. After pursuing these life goals and traveling he started rebuilding his focus and his game. He has strongly shared his professor’s dream of spreading knowledge of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. And in 2019 he decided to pursue that dream by starting a BJJ program affiliated with Professor Marcello’s BJJCOACH Association.

In August 2019 he was promoted to Purple Belt. He has competed in several tournaments and gym wars and has also helped teach various classes, one he likes to speak about is his contribution to helping a deploying unit get prepared by teaching self-defense techniques.

See The Qualifications
  • IBJJF registered
  • JJGF registered
  • CPR Certified
  • 10+ yrs Experience
  • GMAU Boxing Champion
  • Trained at Indy boxing and Grappling and Integrated fighting Academy along side UFC veterans Chris Lytle, Matt Mitrione, Andrew Holbrook and Coach Pat Mcpherson.
  • Trained Muay Thai with DragonFly owner Kenny Bigsby and brifely with Top Level Owner Ian Ransburg
  • Tae Kwon do Green belt under Confidence Club Martial Arts Owner Cameron Smith
  • Trained briefly in kempo Karate and boxing at Indy Boxing South under coaches Mat Hoover, Jamie, John Eckles, and Jerry Smith.
  • Trained briefly with the Jumonkan/Virgils judo club in Indianapolis and now has a relationship with Kokoro Judo club in Austin
  • Competed and won numerous medals in Jiu jitsu tournaments such as the Hoosier Open, the Ego, The Arnolds Sports Classic, Blue Grass open, and the NAGA.
  • US Military Veteran

Purple Belt in BJJ

Alex Matos-Serrano/Instructor

Alex Matos-Serrano was born on December 10, 1992, in Havana, Cuba. Alex and his family came to the USA in 1999. His father taught him to work hard and always stay active in sports. Alex loved sports but failed to make his middle school soccer team. Alex saw interest in wrestling and started to wrestle for a club team out of Pflugerville, Tx. Alex continued to practice and made the varsity wrestling team for his high school team. In Alex’s first season he was named rookie of the year from all accomplishments he had won. Alex continued to wrestle through his high school years and was able to defend his championship title. After high school, Alex saw interest in Brazilian Jiujitsu. Alex started training on February 22, 2014. With the 6 years of training, Alex gathered a lot of knowledge in Kickboxing, Mua Thai, Wrestling, Jiu-jitsu. Alex received his purple belt on 4/13/2019, from Brazilian coach Itacio Lisboa. His dream is to one day receive his black belt and continue his passion for the sport.

World Class Training!

Why spend more than needed for best-in-class trainers when you have Hutto BJJ Coach? Our training processes are beyond compare, making us your ideal choice. Not only do you get expert guidance, but everyone that trains here is family. We all work hard to make each other better.

Best-in-class Trainers!

We understand how important a good teacher is. Learning new techniques can be repetitive and require a lot of patience. You will always feel comfortable moving at your own pace here at Hutto BJJ Coach. All of our trainers are skillful at making sure everyone receives the best attention required. So, what are you waiting for?!

Top-notch Training Approaches!

When you are willing to learn something as technical as Martial Arts, you would want someone to teach you in the most efficient way possible. That is what we strive to achieve at Hutto BJJ Coach!

 At our Martial Arts Academy, we effectively boost student motivation. While being learner-friendly and easy to understand, you don’t get discouraged and feel overwhelmed. Thus, making us your reliable BJJ, MMA, or Muay Thai place to train!

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